Leonardo DiCaprio and Washlet

Leonardo DiCaprio and Washlet

In the United States, “warm toilet seat with washlet”, which has become commonplace in Japan in recent years, seems not to be widely used. Madonna used to say at a press conference that he really liked Japan’s warm toilet seat.

Meanwhile, it seems that Leonardo DiCaprio also bought a toilet with the latest washlet that costs about 350,000 yen.

The washlet purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be of the type TOTO’s Neorest (R) 500, which has a warm toilet seat with a washlet, and the flush and toilet seat lids open and close automatically. It also seems to have a water saving function.

When Will Smith came to Japan, he bought two washlets. As you can see, it seems that some overseas celebrities use Washlet.

However, it seems that Americans originally invented the washlet. It didn’t become practical in the United States, but it seems that it became practical in Japan and spread.

This may be due to the Japanese cleansing culture. In Europe and America, it’s a bare foot in the house, but in Japan I can’t think of that. Also, it may be that Japanese people’s detailed personality supported the practical use of washlets.

If you look for not only washlets but also those that were invented overseas and put to practical use in Japan, it seems that you can find a lot. Japanese people have always been good at imitating. However, imitation is a great talent, and it feels like a talent.

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