[Trivia] Toilet and Hemorrhoid


I searched a lot of trivia about toilets and hemorrhoids.

● In Europe, around the 14th century, modern western-style toilets began to be created. However, it seems that only the king used it, and the common people used a squatting type toilet. It was because the king avoided adding the same conditions as the common people. It seems that the king’s toilet was a luxurious toilet with jewels.

Even after that, Western-style toilets were used only by the upper class such as aristocrats, but it seems that it was not popular among the common people. It seems that Western-style toilets have finally spread to the common people at the end of the 19th century.

● You can check your health in the toilet. Make sure that your stool and urine are the same as usual. Also, recently, when sitting on the toilet, you can find information about heart rate, blood pressure, and urine, and you are also researching a toilet that can check your health. In the not-so-distant future, such high-tech toilets may be commonplace.

● This is a famous story, but until the 17th and 18th centuries, garbage and manure were thrown away on roads in European cities. When it rained on such a road, it would have been disastrous.

Even in the famous Palace of Versailles, the corridors and gardens in the palace were full of excrement, and it was very odorous. Speaking of the Palace of Versailles, there is an image of a beautiful ball, but what kind of smell did it have? Apparently, the aristocrat had a portable toilet bowl. So it seems that the servants had thrown it away in the garden.

● Celebrity of hemorrhoids I investigated a celebrity who was rumored to have been hemorrhoids.

Basho Matsuo Famous for Basho Matsuo, who is famous for a narrow path in the back, seems to have suffered from hemorrhoids. It seems that some haiku sang about hemorrhoids. Apparently he had stopped traveling because of hemorrhoids.

Natsume Soseki Apparently he has had surgery for hemorrhoids. There is also a scene of treatment for hemorrhoids in the novel “Brightness”.

It seems that Louis XIV had surgery for hemorrhoids.

An Austrian composer famous for long symphonies of 10 Mahler songs.

Napoleon reportedly suffered from hemorrhoids in 1815 before losing the Battle of Waterloo. In this defeat Napoleon was washed away on the island.

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