Causes, symptoms, and treatment of warts hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids)

Causes, symptoms, and treatment of warts hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids)

The name is wart hemorrhoids, but it is officially called hemorrhoids. Among warts and hemorrhoids, those that are above the dentate line are called internal hemorrhoids, and those that can be below are called external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids is a symptom of hemorrhoids that is more common than other types of hemorrhoids.

What is wart hemorrhoids originally made of? The answer is a vein mass in the back of the anus. Warts and hemorrhoids are subject to congestion and bleeding due to constipation. This is because when constipation occurs, the feelings are greater than usual. For the same reason, women are more likely to have hemorrhoids after giving birth. Also, be careful when you move your body vigorously such as during sports. Also, if you have a habit of keeping going for a few seconds, it seems that if you keep the breathing time down to about 1 second, you will be less likely to have internal hemorrhoids.

Warts and hemorrhoids are one of the causes that a person can walk on two legs. Warts and hemorrhoids do not appear to be on four-legged animals. Is it because the heart is above the anus in bipedal locomotion, so blood may accumulate due to gravity?

When the internal hemorrhoids of warts and hemorrhoids worsen, the mucous membrane at the base may sag out of the anus, which is called prolapse. Internal hemorrhoids are in a state of going out and back in. It seems that about 1 in 10 people will need surgery when they have anal prolapse.

In the case of congestion, an ointment can be used to relieve the inflammation. However, the occlusion does not cure this slackening of the mucous membrane after prolapse, so the slackening of the mucous membrane itself must be treated.

Internal hemorrhoids can range from mild to severe. I will introduce the treatment methods in order from those with mild internal hemorrhoids.

When the small hemorrhoids are inside the dentate line, there is less pain but bleeding during defecation. In this condition injection sclerotherapy is often used to treat bleeding in hospitals.

Hemorrhoids go out of the anus during defecation, but they naturally return to the anus when defecation ends. Good treatment with ointments and suppositories. ALTA therapy (Zeon injection) and rubber band ligation are often used in hospitals to treat this condition.

Hemorrhoids come out of the anus during defecation and do not return to the anus naturally after defecation. Press with your finger to return to the original. ALTA therapy (dione injection), hemorrhoid radical surgery, and injection sclerotherapy are often used in hospitals.

Hemorrhoids routinely go out of the anus. It doesn’t return even if I push it with my finger. Here, in the hospital, hemorrhoid radical surgery and injection sclerotherapy are often performed.

As for when to go to the hospital, it is unlikely that anyone will go to the hospital in the first stage. And not only for warts and hemorrhoids, but for any type of hemorrhoids, many people don’t go to the hospital even if they are getting really bad.

If you can tolerate the pain, it tends to be heavy to buy and cure the medicine yourself without going to the hospital, but let’s go as soon as possible and cure it.

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