Causes, symptoms, and treatment of warts hemorrhoids (external hemorrhoids)

Hemorrhoids external

Also, in the case of external hemorrhoids, symptoms such as bleeding are not so different from internal hemorrhoids, but unlike internal hemorrhoids, there may be strong pain because there is hemorrhoids outside the anus: where nerves pass. .. There are many things you can do because of your strong feelings. Hemorrhoids may also come out during a golf swing. It may also be caused by drinking too much alcohol.

If you have hemorrhoids, it’s best to treat them early in the hospital, but if you can’t, there are treatments to warm the anus first. It’s warmed by taking a bath instead of a shower. Warming relieves pain in external hemorrhoids. You can also warm it with warm washlet water. You may also try using over-the-counter suppositories or ointments, or in some cases, take hemorrhoids internally.

Kanton hemorrhoids are those in which the hemorrhoids from the anus are pressed by the anal sphincter muscles and become bloody or rotten, which can cause severe pain.

It seems that a good treatment method is to remove the hemorrhoids from incarcerated hemorrhoids by using an ointment to hold the swelling off.

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